Art Galle is a unique factory that has no analogues nowhere in the world. All workers are followers of well-known French artist Emile Galle, who is supposed to be one of the founders of Art Nouveau movement. Our painters work according to the extant technologies of the Master. Each piece is blown out of the multilayer glass and painted manually.
Our factory is situated on the outskirts of Bucharest (Romania) and has branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and London. Our company is engaged in both wholesale and retail product delivery in Russian Federation, Europe and USA.
Our product range includes different glass items with handmade drawings: chandeliers with bronze elements, table lamps, lamps, floor lamps with bronze supports, vases and home décor items in art nouveau style.

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We can deliver the products all over Europe, Russia or USA with a help of well-known international courier services such as DHL, UPS, FOX or you can choose your favorite company.

One of the most beautiful, poetic and unusual styles is considered to be Art Nouveau (the name “Art Nouveau” is French for “New Art”).
Emile Galle (1846-1904) was one of the pioneers and inspirers of the Movement. He became famous thanks to his masterful combination of different technologies for glass processing. He was the first artist to master the technique of multilayer glass fabrication (3-5 layers of glass of different colors) and applied acid etching. The result was almost always unpredictable and each piece is unique. He focused his attention on the interior (my home – my castle) and its elements: handicraft items. Galle managed to find a universal language – he turned to nature as the eternal source of inspiration, but saw it in a new way. His flowers fell on the canvas of glass easily and naturally. Highlighting the item from inside and the wealth of the palette lent mystery and originality to his works. So the great master, as no one else, managed to combine technical and scientific inventions with new ideas and also found a universal and comprehensive artistic language – the language of nature and symbols. In this way he charmed and conquered his contemporaries.

Today the name of Emile Galle is unknown to the public, although his works are represented in the most famous museums of the world, such as the Hermitage is St. Petersburg, Maklou gallery in New York and Museum d’Orsay in Paris. Few people remember the name of the great artist, but his art lives and conquers hearts of true lovers of unusual, beautiful and mysterious Art Nouveau style.

Emile Galle himself transferred his production to Romania, a few factories survived to the present day. Our factory works according to the old method of production. All items are unique as they all are handmade.
We can offer a variety of programs for designers, architects, shops and others. Our company gives you a unique opportunity to see, learn and become a true connoisseur of beautiful, breathtaking and mesmerizing glass products in Art Nouveau style of Emile Galle.

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